European StandardFire Classification of Construction Productsand Buildings Elements

Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests European Standard provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all construction products are covered by EN 13501-1. This document applies to three categories, which are treated separately in this document: Construction products (tabel no.1), linear pipe thermal insulation products – A1L, A2L, BL, CL, DL, EL and FL (table no.2). Table no. 1 - Classes of reaction to fire performance for construction products ...
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How is the SBI test conducted?

How is the SBI test conducted? According to the SBI method, the test involves subjecting a corner-shaped sample with dimensions of height 1500mm and wing lengths: short (500mm) and long (1000mm), exposed to the 32.4 kW fire flame of a sand burner. View of the testing facility Description of the testing facility The detailed construction of the equipment is described in the EN 13823 standard. The SBI equipment consists of three main sections: the ...
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How the SBI results are calculated?

What parameters does the SBI testing setup measure according to the normative requirements? Humidity is measured in the range of 20-80% ± 5%. Ambient temperature: the thermocouple is located near the exit of the measurement trolley, close to the floor. Ambient pressure with an accuracy of ±200 Pa. Light beam attenuation measurement system: it consists of a stabilizing structure, a light source with a colour temperature of 2900K ±100K, a lens system, and a ...
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