Badania palności materiałów, klasa palności, akredytowane laboratorium

of building materials

Certified flammability tests of building materials 

FIRE-LAB company was established in 2017. Our goal is set on organizing and managing accredited laboratory of construction products. On the first step of our development we focused on basic fire tests which improves fire safety. 

Currently FIRE-LAB owes professional machinery for SBI tests (EN 13823) and another one for reaction to fire by checking ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame (EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 11925-2:2020).

Our core business is extended on supporting R&D projects of building materials producers which receives complex help with fire test results interpretation and technical consultancy. 

FIRE-LAB delivers also services and researches which will help our client to define class of reaction to fire according to the tests of client specimen of building materials or construction products. 

FIRE-LAB cooperates with external research and development centers in Poland and with pleasure will join and help in academical fire tests. 

Our future steps are to offer our clients other test which are needed in fire test safety requirements or classification. We are planning to extend capabilities of our laboratory to endurance and thermal insulation tests.

We are happy to announce that FIRE-LAB received accreditation nr AB1777 from Polish Centre of Accreditation and yet European Commision admitted as us notificated body with identification number 2904.

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