Badania palności materiałów, klasa palności, akredytowane laboratorium

of building materials

Certified flammability tests of construction materials 

FIRE-LAB company was established in 2017. Our goal is set on organizing and managing accredited laboratory of construction products. On the first step of our development we focused on basic fire tests which improves fire safety. 

This goal has been achieved! We are a certified laboratory where we conduct research in accordance with the requirements of the EN 17025 standard. We have accreditation from the Polish Center for Accreditation (Polskie Centrum Akredytacji) under the number AB 1777. In the list of notified bodies maintained by the European Commission, we have the identification number 2904. We belong to the Polish Group of Notified Bodies for CPR (Construction Products Regulation).

Since 2020, FIRE-LAB Laboratory has been conducting fire safety-related research. The available research facilities enable us to assess and classify the reaction to fire of construction materials (excluding flooring) according to the European product classification system EN 13501-1, ranging from A1 to F.

Currently FIRE-LAB owes professional testing positions for:

  1. SBI research equipment for testing reaction to fire
    EN ISO 13823
  2. MP equipment for reaction to fire by checking ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame
    EN ISO 11925-2:2020.
  3. KAL stand for testing the heat of combustion (calorimeter) according to
    EN ISO 1716: 20180-08
  4. PR equipment for non-flammability testing (tube furnace) according to
    EN ISO 1182:2020
  5. UL 50W equipment for fire hazard testing; Test flames-
    50W flame test method EN 60695-11-10 [UL94]
  6. UL 500W equipment for fire hazard testing; Test flames-
    500W flame test method EN 60695-11-20 [UL94]

Our core business is:

Prompt and reliable execution of tests commissioned by the client. The laboratory provides testing services aimed at determining the flammability class of construction products, structural components, as well as materials made of polymers.

As part of the conducted consultations, we provide support for research and development projects aimed at improving or design of materials with better fire resistance properties. We often support clients in examining materials with atypical characteristics that have not been subjected to fire testing before. With our expertise and specialized personnel in fire safety, we are able to select appropriate solutions so that clients do not waste resources on unnecessary additional tests.

We have extensive cooperation with major research centres and technical universities, enabling us to assist in the evaluation and examination of even very unconventional solutions, not necessarily related to the civil engineering industry.

Our clients primarily include manufacturers of construction materials, and manufacturers and distributors of all elements installed or incorporated in buildings, premises, and other facilities where standards related to flammability testing and fire reaction classification apply. These are domestic and international companies with production and distribution facilities in Poland, as well as companies from: Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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