EN ISO 11925-2:2020 – SMALL FLAME Reaction to fire tests

EN ISO 11925-2:2020 – SMALL FLAME Reaction to fire tests

EN ISO 11925-2:2020 – SMALL FLAME “Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame – Part 2: Single-flame source test”

This testing method was developed to determine the fire reaction properties of products. It specifies a test used to assess the ignitability of products exposed to the direct impingement of a small flame, without the influence of radiant heat, with vertical orientation of the specimen.

Although this method is intended for assessing ignitability, the measure of ignitability is the upward flame spread along the vertical surface of the specimen following the application of a small flame (match flame size) to the surface or edge of the specimen for 15 seconds or 30 seconds. The determination of whether flaming droplets occur depends on whether the underlying filter paper ignites or not.

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EN 13823 – SBI – Fire reaction tests for building products

EN 13823 – SBI – “Fire reaction tests for building products – Building products excluding flooring exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item”

This European Standard provides a testing method used to determine the fire reaction classification for building products (excluding flooring) listed in Table 1 of Decision 2000/147/EC. The purpose of this standard is to assess the behaviour of these products in terms of fire reaction.

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EN ISO 1716:2018-08 – CALORIMETER Reaction to fire tests

EN ISO 1716:2018-08 – CALORIMETER “Reaction to fire tests – Determination of the gross heat of combustion (calorific value)”

This method was developed to assess materials in terms of fire classes A1 and A2. It involves placing a small sample of the material inside a calorimetric bomb and conducting complete combustion in an atmosphere of pure oxygen.

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EN ISO 1182:2020-12 – VERTICAL TUBE FURNACE Reaction to fire tests

EN ISO 1182:2020-12 – VERTICAL TUBE FURNACE “Reaction to fire tests – Non-combustibility test”

The above test method applies to materials with a homogeneous structure (e.g., mineral wool). During the test, a cylindrical sample is placed inside a vertical tube furnace heated to 750°C. Next, the temperature inside the sample, furnace temperature, and the occurrence of ignition of the test material are observed.

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EN 60695-11-10:2014-02 EN 60695-11-20:2015-08 [UL 94] Fire hazard testing

EN 60695-11-10:2014-02
EN 60695-11-20:2015-08 UL 94

Fire hazard testing. Test methods for flammability of materials using a small flame ignition source (50W or 500W) in horizontal or vertical orientation of the test specimen.

The above methods were developed to assess the flame spread characteristics of materials made of plastics. These tests determine the following classes: HB, V, 5V.

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